Plan harmed, not helped, lobo recovery efforts

April 3, 2018

Great news for the lobo: after our challenge, a judge has ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to go back to the drawing board on its absurd 2015 Mexican wolf management rule.

The rule placed politics over the wolf’s survival, arbitrarily capping populations, allowing more killing of lobos, and limiting territory—hardly accommodating to “recovery”. In a Catch-22-esque twist, the rule held that the only population of wild Mexican wolves was not essential to the recovery of Mexican wolves in the wild. Scientists whose research was being used to “justify” the plan found it so egregious that they even wrote a letter disavowing it.

We’re pleased the Service is being held to account for its long history of mismanaging the lobo’s recovery. These imperiled wolves are essential for our wild places and ecosystems.

Read the press release.

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